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»I made for the cold zone drying room

»Port Arthur, my company successfully produced shrimp shrimp plant production line

»Foreign Australia, Mexico, the United States and other specialized drying equipment using custom sea cucumber

»Squid machine to open the Korean market success

»After the successful signing of the Spring Festival 32 sea cucumber machine orders

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DALIANLELEJIAMachinery Co., Ltd.Is a research and development and sales of vacuum freeze-drying equipment and food preservation equipment, machine shredded squid, grilled fish machine, roasted seaweed machine, roast beef jerky machine, automatic wear kebab machine, dryer, professional manufacturers of sea cucumber, shredded squid machine production product has many years of history,Not of the updated product improvements, sold throughout the country and South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, the United States and Japan, has been a good consumer level.Corporation is committed to provide better and more for the franchisee to the end of the price of raw materials, raw material supply companies registered: a Chen Food Co., Ltd., Dalian, Chen billion in investment and development series of food, are grilled squid, Hong fish, beef jerky, chicken series joined the project such as food, quality products and favorable prices for several years to build thousands of millionaires.Get a good level of society is willing customers, investors, trade partners sent e-mail, visits, business negotiations.DALIANLELEJIAMachinery Co., Ltd.Are you a good partner!
Our aim: sincerity, hard, careful, patient and do service, and ultimately to reassure customers!

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